About photography, spaces and myself

John Herschel, Photo and Graphia

Since in 1839 the English mathematician and astronomer John Herschel named it as such, there has never been a better definition of what we do. Photography is an engraving with light.

Light reacts on materials and is transformed. Changing our perception of them. We think that we see forms and spaces but they are nothing more than play of light that directs our thoughts and emotions. In this way, light offers us the possibility of a specific language. With photography we try to use these emotional reactions to communicate meanings.

In every language, the explicit always has a hidden burden. A complementary reading of the transmitted. That is the subjective contribution that the human being gives to the physical. Very often, from the most unknown part of himself.

Our search is to learn the mechanisms and effects that regulate this system.

Carlos Orduna

The first lessons on photography and darkroom developing came to me with Carlos Cánovas and Nicolás López in the courses at the Public University of Navarra in 2002 and 2003.

After finishing my degree, and until 2006, I studied Photography at GrisArt School in Barcelona.

Later on I made several personal projects. Among them, the main scholarship of the Phototraballo 2007 Contest.

Finally, I entered the world of architecture photography and began to collaborate with several photographers and studios.

Currently, I combine the post-production work of architecture with photographic commissions to develop complete visual proposals for companies and professionals.

On the other hand, I continue my research in personal creative projects. As a sample you can see Gaueko, the last project finished with the support of the Plastic Arts Grants of the Government of Navarre.