“Apply a style that enhances the image”

“I’m very happy with the work that Carlos has done for us. He is able to quickly understand the requirements of each project and apply a style that enhances the image. He has been flexible when schedules have changed, sometimes at the last minute and still manages to deliver the images quickly. Most importantly, our clients are happy.”

Ed Reeve | London

“It’s a rare surprise”

“It’s a rare surprise to meet a professional figure able to understand your work while enhancing it, to deliver your message at its best. That’s what Carlos does.”

Giovanni Nardi | Milano/Venize

“Care, flexibility and commitment.”

“Carlos’s work is extremely professional and high quality. The post-production care, flexibility in delivery times and commitment to each project is total.”

Rafael Gamo  |  New York

“A professional with an accurate, sensitive and enormously resolute look…”

“EIt is a real pleasure and an enormous privilege to be able to count on the good work and the level of self-requirement of a professional with an accurate, sensitive, sensitive, enormously resolute; intuitive, with a great technical expertise, who communicates with precision, and to whom to yield the fruit of your gaze with the confidence that will be in firm hands and therefore no less delicate.”

Eugeni Pons |  Lloret de Mar

“All you need from a professional retoucher, and more.”

Carlos has everything you need from a professional retoucher, and more: professionalism, transparency and order in the post-production processes, punctuality in delivery times, high technical knowledge… And also, a lot of patience and close treatment at all times. I highly recommend it!”

Marcela Grassi  |  Barcelona

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