Terms & Conditions

Quality, commitment and profitability


The following services pack aims to gather most common situations in architectural photo reportages. Therefore:

Included retouches will be those performed on a daily basis, which maintains the original general appearance of the scene. Special interventions can always be estimated and budgeted under common agreement.

Published rates include all postproduction services described on this website. However, service will be entirely defined with an initial briefing previous to every project.

To all intents and purposes, each project is received and processed separately. And it must respond to a closed and coherent reportage unit.

Exceptional situations will be resolved by mutual agreement with the client.


Customer’s data will be respected and ensured throughout the entire business process under the spanish Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, about Protection of Personal Data.

Therefore, any data or material provided by the customer through any physical or digital means will be kept during the work process for the sole reason of providing the services demanded. Once services have been provided, all material will be destroyed.

Only the billing data will be kept in a private database as well as a 50 x 50 pixel.jpg thumbnail of each image for the sole purpose of historically referencing the work done.

La propia relación de trabajo será confidencial para terceros. Aunque el cliente tendrá libertad de proponer un testimonio para el sitio web.

La intervención realizada en los archivos como consecuencia de estos servicios no alterará en nada los derechos previos que existan sobre las imágenes. El cliente afirma ser titular del derecho de modificación total sobre las imágenes al realizar el pedido.


For billing purposes, each project is calculated separately.

The published rates do not include specific taxes of each country or region.

Invoice will be issued by default after validating and delivering each project to the client.

Payment will be made within 15 days from its issue and shipment.

Payments from out of UE: Bank transfer or Paypal.


When special work is needed within a project included in the service pack, prices will be delimited in quantity and quality and will be budgeted separately.

Advanced retouching can always be requested independently.

For this type of work criteria is as follows:

1.- Technical evaluation will be made in order to define level of retouching needed for both quantity and complexity. Retouch level is classified between Medium or Advanced

2.- An approximate estimate will be made, regarding time and materials needed.

3.- Prices:
Medium level retouch: 35 €/hour.
Advanced level retouch: 50 €/hour.

4.- In case external digital resources or materials are needed, these will be provided by the customer or, if deemed appropriate, collected by our team and included in the final invoice.

Handing off photographic material will mean that the customer acknowledges and accepts all clauses of the contract.