Architectural Postproduction Pack

You may need to delegate this part of your process in order to grow your business. Or maybe you are looking for help for specific projects. Perhaps you also want to test how your images can evolve in other hands.

With this service you can do it with confidence. The whole process is included in the fee. No surprises. We take care of it.

  • 1. RAW Processing

    Adjustment and interpretation of the digital negative: light, colour temperature, perspective, definition, geometry, etc.

  • 2. Creative Editing

    Assembly of compositions: Panoramics, combination of shots, HDR's and reframing.

    Fine correction of perspective lines and geometry.

    Image cleaning: sensor and lens spots, chromatic aberrations, ghosting.

    Final focus adapted to the destination.

  • 3. Basic Retouching

    Removal of basic elements: street furniture, signage, decoration, devices, elements of nature, figures, backlighting, etc.

  • 4. Export

    We will deliver the images in all desired formats, sizes, colour profiles and resolutions.

    Possibility to insert a watermark.

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